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Installing GitLab v5.2 on OS X

It’s time for an update installation guide to get GitLab v5.2 running on OS X! I’m particularly excited because v5.2 includes my pull request to make public repositories pages browsable and usable by users not on the projects team. It also adds some great featurs like repository forking, code searching, and gfm autocomplete. The addition of turbolinks is also a great performance boost; the site feels really snappy…

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Hacking on GitLab - Getting the Development VM Running

The other day I decided to hack around on GitLab a little more and tweak some things to my liking. For example, I enabled more GitHub-like public repos in GitLab with this commit. To get a dev environment setup, I used the GitLab Vagrant VM, which is the officially recommended environment for GitLab development by the GitLab dev team. Unfortunately, there were some problems with the setup as of April 22, 2012. With a lot of tinkering around, I was finally able to get it working. Here’s a gist containing everything I had to do to get it up and running. Sorry, I would embed the gist, but this template style really messes with the gist styling and makes it useless. Maybe time to swith templates.

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Using rbenv with GitLab Shell on OS X

The default ruby version for OS X <= 10.8.3 is 1.8.7. I really wish the default version of ruby shipped with OS X would just be updated already; I’ve run into my fair share of headaches installing and using ruby 1.9.3 on OS X using rvm or rbenv. Recently, I’ve switched to using rbenv as my ruby version manager…

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