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Using sed on OS X

Whenever I try to use sed on OS X, I get frustrated. Mostly because I haven’t taken the time to learn sed, but it never seems to work for me, even when I copy a command straight from a tutorial. Turns out my problem was usually related to a quirk in the OS X version of sed. This is the error that always gets me:

$ grep -rl "foo" . | xargs sed -i 's/foo/bar/g'
sed: 1: "./foo_file ...": invalid command code .

What the heck? Checking the man pages on the -i argument for sed revealed the problem. The sed command is looking for an argument with the -i option, whether that’s something like -i .bak or a zero-length argument. A zero-length argument? In OS X, that doesn’t mean specifying nothing like my above example. No, you have to explicitly provide a zero-length argument. Turns out passing "" does the trick.

$ grep -rl "foo" . | xargs sed -i "" 's/foo/bar/g'

Now I can probably go update my Installing Gitlab on OS X guide and fix the step using sed I had a problem with from GitlabHQ’s guide.

Thanks Tommy Xu for solving my problem.

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