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Using rbenv with GitLab Shell on OS X

The default ruby version for OS X <= 10.8.3 is 1.8.7. I really wish the default version of ruby shipped with OS X would just be updated already; I’ve run into my fair share of headaches installing and using ruby 1.9.3 on OS X using rvm or rbenv. Recently, I’ve switched to using rbenv as my ruby version manager.

I also recently upgraded to GitLab 5.0, which replaces Gitolite with their home-grown GitLab Shell. GitLab Shell requires ruby 1.9.3 to work, even when pushing commits to a repo over ssh. That means the ssh command needs to have rbenv loaded, or else ruby 1.8.7 will be used and the GitLab Shell command will fail:

$ git push origin master
/Users/git/gitlab-shell/bin/gitlab-shell:8: undefined method `require_relative' for main:Object (NoMethodError)
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

:( Adding puts RUBY_VERSION to the top of /Users/git/gitlab-shell/bin/gitlab-shell reveals rbenv isn’t being loaded and 1.8.7 is being used. After a frustrating half hour, I finally figured out the solution. Add the following to the git user’s .bashrc:

export PATH="/usr/local/bin:$PATH"
if which rbenv > /dev/null; then eval "$(rbenv init -)"; fi

This is assuming the output of which rbenv when logged into the git user is /usr/local/bin/rbenv. Hopefully this saves someone a headache in the future.

Update: In my new guide for installing GitLab v5.2, I spent some time trying to figure out why the update hook would not use rbenv install ruby and was instead using system ruby. This was even though ssh -T would work properly and greet my user, meaning rbenv installed ruby was being used there. The solution was to install a later version of git, 1.8 vs. 1.7 provided by Xcode at the time, via hombrew:

brew install git

Just fyi so someone else isn’t up into the early hours of the morning for no reason.

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